Received Fuse and Wings

Today was a big day! I went to the service terminal and loaded up my fuse and wings on a uhaul and brought them home. 

I got a 20′ truck and went to the terminal, the ABF guys were really nice and in about 3 minutes both crates were in the truck and I was on my way. 

First thing I did was start to rip the crate apart to look at the beauty inside. 

It was so nice seeing the fuse for the first time. 

My buddy Norio came by to help me unload the truck, it was definitely a two man job. We began with the wing crate and removed the wings from the truck one at a time. 

Using the styrofoam that came in the crate I propped up the wings temporarily to get them out of the way.

We continued to pull out more and more parts and miles of paper. 

Slowly we were able to disassemble the crate enough to get the fuse out. It’s easily movable by two people.

And here’s the garage with the wings and fuse. It looks messy but once I spend some time organizing and fabricating my wing stand then it will all start coming together. 

And just for good measure, to make sure it fit correctly…

Yup, it fits! 

Received Fuse and Wings

Left elevator leading edges

Over the last few days I’ve been making slow progress, but nevertheless, my fuselage and wings are arriving tomorrow, so I have to finish off the empennage and make room in the garage for the plane. 

Here you can see the first two outboard sections of the leading edge rolled, this is by far the hardest part of the elevator. I also managed to knock out the rest of the trim tab riveting and alignment. I will need to measure and adjust the threaded rod that attaches the servo to the tab, but that can be done at any time. 

Here you can see one of the riblets that I made for the inboard trim tab edge. It’s not perfect, but it pretty good. Next step on the list is the elevator alignment to the Hstab, and drilling the center bearing to the elevator horns, then I’ll be ready for the QB Kit that arrives tomorrow

Left elevator leading edges

QB kit

Yesterday was a good day! I got a call from Van’s saying my QB fuselage and wings are here and ready to go! So I paid the final payment and it’s now in the queue for shipping. I have maybe 3-4 hours left on the empennage (minus fiberglass) and should get that knocked out this weekend. Then I’ll have a week and a half or so before the kits are shipped to me to clean and prep the garage. It’s amazing how quickly time flies when you’re having fun building! 

QB kit