Fuel tank access plates

Today I spent about an hour prepping and sealing the fuel tank access plates. This was very messy and I didn’t get any pictures during the process. The fuel tank pick up lines and bulkhead fittings were glued and torqued. Also the anti rotation brackets were riveted and then sealed with tank sealant. Once those cute in a couple days I’ll be able to fully seal up the tanks. 

I also spent some time on the remaining wing, I prepped the flap hinge loops by removing 3 loops from near the center of the flap. This will allow for easy installation of the flaps during final assembly. 

Fuel tank access plates

Thanksgiving work

Happy thanksgiving to my US friends! Today being a day off for us, I spent a few hours this morning in the garage. 

I started by prepping and riveting the flap hinge on the remaining wing, the flaps are officially on! (Temporarily)

I then spent some time safety wiring my autopilot servo, it was a bit tricky and I had to redo it a few times. But I eventually got it! 

It’s not perfect, but it works. The wire will prevent any of the three bolts from backing out. 

The end of it (top left in the image) will be out through a small hole im going to drill through the bracket. This will secure the final bolt. 

I then spent some time removing the remaining fuel tank in preparation for sealing the access panel. I really hope I don’t have to continuously remove and install it. It’s very tedious work. 

You can see on the left tank (right side) I have the pressure testing manometer hooked up. Once I seal the access panel to the tank, I will pressurize the tank up to 1psi or so and monitor the pressure to see if it’s leaking. This can be the most nerve racking part because if there’s a leak, it could be tough to find. Fingers crossed! 

Until next time, Happy Thanksgiving! 

Thanksgiving work

Fuel tank

Today I had some free time so I decided to work on the fuel tank. I spent a fair amount of time taking the tank off the wing. When I got to the final main bolt holding the tank on, I realized it was stripped! I spent nearly 30 minutes trying to get the bolt out. 

I finally got the tank off and onto the bench. I spent some time checking all the seams and proseal used. The quality of the QB tanks is really good. I then worked on getting the access panel fitted. I also did a preliminary check of my leak test setup. 

It consists of some plastic tubing attached to the vent line. I have it taped to the lower edge of the tank. Once I seal the access panel I can then pressurize the tank to the recommended 1 psi, and check for leaks. If it holds pressure then I will be very happy!

I am going to take the second tank off before I do any more work on this one. I feel better doing both in parallel instead of sequentially. 

Looking into the tank through the access panel. The fuel level sensor will be located in this bay of the tank. 

Fuel tank