Miscellaneous Tasks

This weekend I spent some time knocking out a bunch of tasks that I needed to do in preparation to painting the interior. I need to paint the canopy frame and most of the interior parts before bonding the canopy to the frame.

I primed a bunch of parts that will be painted a dark gray. These are most of the interior panels that won’t be covered by carpet.

Some of them will, but I didn’t want to have exposed parts.

I then disassembled the panel and finished drilling it for some of the final components.

These are the holes for the dimmer knobs. One will be used for panel lighting, another for overhead/interior lighting, and the third for the baggage area. I have provisions for a fourth one, but haven’t decided what I could be used for.

I then cut the slots for the usb receptacles. These are for database and software updates, as well as all the chart data that the Dynon EFISs will use.

I then installed the center channel covers. On the pilots side I added provisions for a ram mount so that I can install my iPad. Having an integrated mounting solution is so much nicer than a suction cup or clamp.

Here’s the passenger side cover. Most of this will be covered by the side paneling but some might exposed, which is why I painted it.

Here is the lighting controller for the knobs and the interior lighting. It’s mounted to the Dynon EFIS tray.

Next week I’ll be getting the paint and will be painting a lot of the interior in preparation for the canopy bonding which should happen in the next few weeks!

Miscellaneous Tasks

Control sticks

Tonight I spent some time working on the control sticks. When they come from the factory they are quite long. I ended up cutting off 3.75 inches. I then wired the sticks and adjusted the fit of everything.

The copilot stick is removable so the wires exit just above joint on the right side. There are only two wires for the copilot stick push-to-talk button. The pilot stick has 7 wires for the trim control, radio flip flop, radio push-to-talk, and autopilot disconnect. The wires exit from the bottom of the stick. I’ll wire these to a connector in order to make it removable.

A few years back when moving to the hangar, I somehow lost the center tunnel cover. So I had to make a new one, which took a couple hours.

Here you can see it (in gray) under the center console arm rest.

The center console mounts to the flap cover and sits quite snug over the tunnel cover. This makes it rock solid for leaning on and using it to get in and out of the plane.

The last thing I did was to replace the NyLock nuts on my throttle bracket with all metal nuts.

This has been on my todo list for a long time and I just needed to knock it out.

Next time I’ll wrap up the control stick installation with the wiring and then the sticks are done!

Control sticks