Began the rudder 

Today I started working on the rudder. I began by trimming to size the rudder skin stiffeners.  

Once they were cut to size roughly I then used my scotchbrite wheel to shape and deburr all the edges of the stiffeners. I then match drilled all the stiffeners to the skins.  

Once they were match drilled I then disassembled it again to deburr the holes and prep the stiffeners and skins for dimpling. 

Here you can see all 232 dimples in the stiffener. I then had to do the same in the skins. 

Here you can see the skins being dimpled using the DRDT-2 dimpler. I used some old foam to support the skins, soft and easy to move around. 

Here the skins have been dimpled and the plastic has been removed for the rivets. 

I didn’t grab any pictures, but I also scuffed, cleaned, and primed all the stiffeners and the interior of the skins along the rivet holes. Next step is to back rivet the stiffeners to the skins but it was getting too late to get out the rivet gun. 


Began the rudder 

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