Back at it again! 

After what seems like a couple weeks of very little work on the plane, my uncle came over to help me out and we spent about 3 hours today doing some edge finishing and deburring and surface prep on the elevator stiffeners. 

Once that was done I countersunk the holes for the plate-nuts and riveted them in place. This is the plate that holds the electric trim servo on, and I also fit the servo to the mounting brackets and the brackets to the mounting plate. Not too much to show, by the countersinking was spot on, ended up with perfectly flush rivets. 

Once I find the time again I’ll be priming the stiffeners and then riveting them to the skins. Slow progress but with the fuse and wings arriving in April, I have nearly 3 months to finish everything, so I’ve been slowing the pace down so I can enjoy some other areas of my life. Til next time! 

Back at it again! 

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