Trim tab

Last night I spent a couple hours on the trim tab. I’m deviating from the plans and I removed the tabs from the elevator and trim tab and I’ll be making riblets. I’ve seen several people attempt to make the trim tab following the plans and it can be very difficult. By going down this route it is a lot easier.  

Here’s the tab after I lined everything up and match drilled the hinge to the elevator. Everything lined up perfectly!  

Here you can see the trailing edges of the trim tab and elevator are perfectly straight. There’s a little curve in the tab skin that I’ll straighten out before riveting the the hinge.  

Here are the bottom rivets holding the trim tab spar to the tab skin. You can also see the push rod attachment point on the bottom of the tab. 

Next up is final prep of the the riblets, and I might need to drill out some of the rivets along the edge of the tab, and then fab the riblets and re-rivet things together. 

Trim tab

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