Finishing Kit and fuse work

This is a two part update

I finished inventorying my finishing Kit. There are three items on backorder that should be in a couple weeks. I’ve stored everything on my shelves and the big parts are managed with. 

I also got some work done on the fuselage. I finished the center tunnel cover. It mounts between the two seats. I botched the z brackets and had to improvise. It will be filled in and covered so will be unnoticed. 

You can see the upper portion of the tunnel cover has some additional rivets on the insides. 

This is the cover primed and nearly ready to install. I spent time filling, sanding and smoothing down the rivets on the top plate, they are nearly invisible now that it’s primed. 

There is one that it slightly visible, but this will be covered by carpet anyway. 

I also peeped and primed the rear window center channel spacer. This is countersunk and riveted to the channel. 

The remaining 8 holes will be riveted along with the final fuselage skin, the baggage bulkhead, and the gusset plate. All in all, there will be 5 layers of metal sandwiched. 

I also spent the time to finish drilling and bolting the rollbar to the mounting brackets and attached the assembly to the fuselage. Once everything was drilled, I removed the rollbar and center channel from the fuselage and riveted the two together. 

Finishing Kit and fuse work

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