Firewall Prep

Yesterday I spent several hours installing a bunch of firewall components. I started by drilling a 2″ hole for the stainless steel heater box. I then positioned it and drilled the two holes for mounting. 

It came with a tube of firewall sealant, I lined the underside and then bolted it in place. 

A tube will attach to this end and a heat muff surrounding the exhaust on the other. 

I then began measuring and lining up the battery tray. I’m going with an EarthX lithium battery. 

This is mounted using three bolts from the inside of the firewall. I also installed my vent line ports. These are some fancy aerodynamic covers that I got from JD Air. They require a 5/8th hole and mount from the inside. 

Here are the two vents installed. 

I then installed the brake reservoir. It’s mounted on the passenger side in case I want to add copilot brakes later on. 

The hydraulic low pressure line attaches to the inside of this reservoir. 

Lastly I installed the master relay and starter relay. This took some work mainly due to the slightly different battery case. I had to drop the pair down a bit lower than the standard installation spot. 

Here’s everything installled on the firewall. You can see the relays just below the battery. 

Next up, firewalls recess, then the engine mount. 

Firewall Prep

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