Modified Wing Rear Spars

Today I finally got off my lazy butt and got back in the garage. It’s been more than a month since I’ve touched the project.

I started by making a giant list of all the tasks that I could think of in order to finish the project.

The goal being that I can estimate effort and duration of each task. Given everything I could think of and the effort needed, it looks like I have about 500hours left (give or take).

Once I finished this, I decided to something on the wings that was easy, to get back in the mood.

The quickbuild wings need their rear spare modified for the -7. The wings are identical for the -8, and this is why they are larger. I marked the rear spars where they needed to be trimmed.

I then used my dremel with cutoff wheel to cut the spare down to just before the line. I will hand file the rest when I am fitting the wings.

Modified Wing Rear Spars

2 thoughts on “Modified Wing Rear Spars

  1. Hi George

    Saw that you gave a drone presentation in San Carlos. Is there any chance you could make it to Lincoln airport at the EAA club or airport group for a similar talk?

    Please let me know

    Mark Carey
    RV 10 builder and driver



    1. Hey mark. I haven’t actually given a talk at San Carlos yet. That’s happening on Wednesday. However making it up to Lincoln might be a challenge. It’s at least an hour and half flight, from my home base. Making that on a weeknight is a bit of a scheduling challenge. Send me an email and we might be able to workout some details.


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