Fuel tank

Today I had some free time so I decided to work on the fuel tank. I spent a fair amount of time taking the tank off the wing. When I got to the final main bolt holding the tank on, I realized it was stripped! I spent nearly 30 minutes trying to get the bolt out. 

I finally got the tank off and onto the bench. I spent some time checking all the seams and proseal used. The quality of the QB tanks is really good. I then worked on getting the access panel fitted. I also did a preliminary check of my leak test setup. 

It consists of some plastic tubing attached to the vent line. I have it taped to the lower edge of the tank. Once I seal the access panel I can then pressurize the tank to the recommended 1 psi, and check for leaks. If it holds pressure then I will be very happy!

I am going to take the second tank off before I do any more work on this one. I feel better doing both in parallel instead of sequentially. 

Looking into the tank through the access panel. The fuel level sensor will be located in this bay of the tank. 

Fuel tank

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