Rudder Pedals

Today I got out the parts for the rudder pedal assembly. I’m only going with pilot side brakes so I only had to deal with one set of parts.

I started by getting out the brake pedal plates and assorted parts. I just got a bench top bandsaw which made life SO MUCH BETTER! I immediately cut the angle stock to size. 

I then drilled the angle stock to the plates based on the prepunched holes, deburred and primed all the parts. I also decided on painting the pedals a satin black. I think the gold rivets and black make for a nice contrast. 

Here are the finished parts. I’m mostly happy with them, but I’m going to go with it. 

Once the pedals were finished I began assembly to the rudder weldment. 

Here’s the pedal installed before I attached the master cylinders. These are held on by two AN3 bolts and castle nuts with cotter pins. 

I couldn’t resist test fitting them in the fuse. Tomorrow I will continue installation and will most likely make several mounting points for adjustable pedal location. I also routed the rudder cables through the fuse but didn’t get a picture of it. 

Rudder Pedals

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