Static ports and wiring conduit 

Tonight I spend a couple hours in the shop. I began by installing the static ports to the side of the fuselage. 

This is the exterior. It sits about 1/32th of an inch higher than the skin. There’s another one on the other side of the fuse. 

Here you can see the two static ports connected together and a T fitting to combine the two to be able to attach the static line to the avionics. 

I then installed the two seatbelt anchor cables. They are held on by an AN4-7A bolt. I had great difficulty torquing these because of the lack of reach. 

I finished off the night by installing wiring conduit under the baggage floor, and down the side of the fuse to the tailcone. 

Here’s the conduit. The baggage floor will be riveted on top and access will be non existent. 

Here’s the conduit going to the tail. This I incredibly loud snaking this through the 3/4″ holes. This will house the wires for the trim servo as well as for the tail strobe and position light. The conduit will also get anchored with some zip ties. 

Static ports and wiring conduit 

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