Drilled rudder pedals

Tonight I spent a couple hours drilling the rudder pedal assembly to the fuselage. I began by measuring and marking the skin stiffener 3″ back from the firewall.  I initially marked the hole locations and then made the 2 additional mounting locations. Here you can see the rudder pedal bearing block in the middle position. 

I then temporarily installed the seat floors and the seatback so that I could get a feel for the location of the pedals relative to how I would sit. 

This is all temporary as I get more of the forward fuselage assembled I will most certainly need to adjust things. For now I selected the middle location as that felt the most natural for me. 

I then installed and drilled the rudder pedal brace. This will get the same treatment as the skin stiffeners so that the assembly will be adjustable. This will also get trimmed so reduce weight. 

Drilled rudder pedals

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