Flap actuator

My goal for today was to get the flap motor mounted to the center channel that houses it. 

I started by drilling the holes in the motor arm to safety wire the bearing to the actuator. The motor uses a screw gear to raise and lower the flaps, and if this were to ever get loose it could back out entirely and the flaps would become loose. The safety wire prevents it from backing out. 

I the m fabricated the motor mounting angle bracket. It’s made from 0.063″ angle stock. 

Here’s the finished angle with the 1/4″ bolt hole drilled. 

I also fabricated the other attach brackets for the center channel that allows the channel to screw to the floor and to the seatback brace. 

I also riveted all the nutplates that are used to attach the side covers. 

Here’s the motor installed in the channel after the mounting brackets were primed and riveted to the channel. I greased the bolt and installed the washers and cotter pin. This isn’t torqued down because it has to pivot when the flaps move. 

Here’s the bolt from the outside. 

Flap actuator

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