More fuse work

Today I spent a few hours doing some more work for the flap installation as well as work on the baggage bulkhead. 

I started by riveting all the nutplates to the rear channel support. 

I installed it in the fuselage and installed the side panel covers to match drill the screw holes. There are 4 screws that hold the covers to the forward and aft channels. 

I then decided to work on the baggage bulkhead and seatbelt cable pass-through. 

Here I’ve installed two nutplates that allow the top baggage panel to attach to the lower one where the seatbelt cable passes through. There are two plastic wear blocks that prevent the cable from contacting the aluminum. 

Here’s the top panel with the wear block riveted in place. 

Here’s the forward flap channel with the flap motor installed but not attached to the flap weldment. 

I’m waiting for an order from Aircraft Spruce with some components that I would like to install under the seat floors, then I will rivet the seats and the baggage floors in place. 

More fuse work

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