I got several orders from Aircraft Spruce in the mail today including 3 of the antennas I’m going to use in my plane. One is the Comm radio antenna. It’s a “bent whip” style antenna that will mount to the underside of the plane. 

I measured and marked the center line in the fuse behind the baggage bulkhead. The reason I decided to mount it here is that it’s just aft of the elevator bellcrank. It’s the closest forward I can mount it on the centerline of the fuse without dealing with the elevator pushrod that runs through the center.  

It’s externally mounted with 4 screws and is connected to the radio with a BNC connector and some rg400 coax. 

The other two antennas I got are for the ADSB (978mhz and 1090mhz) and the transponder (1090mhz).

They are identical in design and will be mounted symmetrically under the pilot and copilot seats from the underside of the plane. 

Once I get these two blade antennas mounted I can rivet the seat floors to the fuselage. 

I also received my Andair fuel pump. It will mount just forward of the seats below the fuel selector valve. 

I also got an order from Vans with my master relay and my starter relay. 

The silver master relay will connect to the battery and to the master switch. It will provide direct power to the starter relay and to the rest of the plane. The starter relay has an intermittent duty cycle and will provide power to start the engine when the starter button is pressed. 


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