Fuse tasks

This weekend I spent some time working on some more fuse work. I started by assembling the elevator bellcrank. 

Once I match drilled the parts together I measured and drilled the hole for the autopilot pushrod. I then disassembled and primed all the parts and riveted it together. 

I also installed the autopilot servo temporarily to measure and align the pushrod. 

I then measured and installed the comm antenna just behind the auto pilot servo along the aircraft centerline. 

I modified the doubler plate to fit next to the center support. I’m debating whether or not to add another support to stiffen the area a bit more. 

I then prepped the baggage floors for riveting. 

I cleaned out the area under the floor with my vacuum as well as secured the wiring conduit. Here you can see the floor clecoed in with the LP-4 blind rivets ready for installing. 

The center tunnel cover is installed here, so platenuts are installed to allow the cover to be removable. You can also see the platenut I installed for the flap center bearing block attachment bolts. 

Here are the aft platenuts and rivets that hold the floor to the baggage bulkhead. The baggage panel covers screw to these platenuts. 

The right side floor is prepped and ready for installation. 

Fuse tasks

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