Seats and antennas

Today I spent a few hours prepping the aft seat pans for riveting. I wanted to install the two remaining antennas on the underside of the fuse. This includes the transponder and ADSB antennas. Both are blade style antennas. 

I used the provided templates to ensure alignment. And I centered the antenna between the two seat ribs in each case. I then installed the two antennas and torqued the nuts. 

Here you can see the two antennas mounted. I will install the BNC connectors once I know where the wires will route. 

Now that the antennas were installed I began final prep for riveting the seat floors. I began by vacuuming out all the debris from the drilling and then clecoed the seat in. 

I then used LP3-4 pop rivets to rivet the seat floor in. I also installed the crotch strap brackets which can be seen at the bottom of the picture. 

Here is the picture during the drilling. I used two 1/8th” drill bits to ensure the spacing was correct. I drilled the brackets to the ribs and then disassembled and deburred, primed, and then riveted the assembly in. 

I took a break from riveting and wired up the pitch autopilot servo. I then ran the wiring harness through the conduit under the seats and stored the wire there for now. I also ran the wire to the tail for the rear position/strobe light, and the elevator trim servo. Once I install the elevator it will be a quick hook up to the servo and a few wires for the tail light and the wiring will be done in the aft fuse. 

Here’s the autopilot servo wire bundled. Also the two white wires are routed inboard and forward to the forward fuse in front of the spar. These will route up to the panel. 

Tomorrow I’ll put in the copilot’s seat floor and then begin work on the center tunnel between the two seats. 

Seats and antennas

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