Copilot’s seat

Today I spent a few hours working on the copilot’s seat and crotch strap anchor. It’s an awkward part to rivet in, but I eventually got it. 

Here you can see it riveted between the seat ribs just to the right of the copilot’s stick attachment (Stick is removed for now). Once I match drilled it to the ribs I removed it, deburred, primed, and then riveted the nutplates, then riveted the two pieces into the fuselage. 

Once I got the crotch strap in stalled I then vaccumed and cleaned out the underside of the seat pan. I then installed it with the LP-4 pop rivets. 

I also installed the flap motor assembly and one of the side covers. 

Here is the flap motor attached temporarily with the AN4-10A bolt to the flap actuator weldment (white). I also have the flap position sensor that will attach to the weldment to relay the position of the flaps to the flight computer. 

The cabin area is nearing completion, next up is to install the rollbar to the cross brace and fit the top skin to prep it for match drilling. 

Copilot’s seat

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