Fuse work – avionics

It’s been a while since I’ve had time to work on the plane, and this past week I was dealing with a slight cold. 

I received some of my avionics over the last few weeks, and a couple days ago I got my primary EFIS. I got started today by making a custom mount for the ADAHRS.  

It has been bent to follow the contours of the j stringers and the center support. It consists of some angle supports and .040 aluminum. 

It is screwed to the supports and will get much stiffer once the skin is riveted on. The adhars is then screwed to nutplates on the mount so that it is removable. 

I also installed my gps antenna with 4 nutplates and some countersunk -8 screws. 

Here’s the inside shot showing the nutplates. 

I also routed the plumbing for the pitot system with some zip ties. 

After this I also installed the transponder on the bottom support. 

The Comm antenna is just forward of the transponder and will have the antenna routed forward through the wiring conduit. 

The last step for wiring avionics is to connect the ADAHRS to the network. 

I also booted up my skyview hdx for the first time. This thing is beautiful! 

I used the test network cable to hook up the computer and see if I could get attitude info. 

Next up is to work on panel and forward fuselage work. 

Fuse work – avionics

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