Big Cut

Today I spent a few hours in the garage working on the canopy. Goal for the day was to make the big cut.

I started by putting the canopy on my work bench and screwed down some scrap wood to hold he canopy in place. The whole cut took about 15 minutes, mainly because I had to wait for my air compressor to catch up.

I set up some space heaters under the canopy to keep everything nice and warm. Temp was about 85 when I made the cut.

The cut was nice and straight and I finished the edges with my file and some sand paper.

I then put the forward section back in the plane to check the alignment. With the top rear section lined up with my centerline, the sides shifted forward about 1/8th of an inch. This should relax back when I make the final cuts along the front of the canopy.

Big Cut

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