Last weekend I started on my canopy. I did the initial trim cuts to get rid of the clamping flange.

Here’s the canopy on the benches with the rear flange marked for cutting. I cut all four sides off.

Today I spent the whole day working on the canopy, trimming it to fit.

Here’s the canopy sitting on the plane for the first time. The forward flange is still very large and needed to be trimmed significantly.

I then made the first trim cut, and the canopy fit much better. It took a few iterations before getting the fit nice.

Here you can see a small 1/32nd inch gap on the side of the front of the canopy.

Here’s the center where the gap is slightly bigger, about 1/16th of an inch. I’m really happy with this fit, but needed to pull the sides in a bit. I cut a more gradual curve where the sides started curving in.

I then lined everything up, and taped the canopy in place for final measurements. I then laid out tape along the cut line for the “big cut”.

I’ll do this cut tomorrow.

I’m glad the canopy is fitting nicely. I was worried that the shape of the canopy was going to be tough to get right.

I will say it looks super cool, starting to really come together!


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