Fuel Tank Work

I got an order of ProSeal adhesive for my fuel tanks and did a bit a work on them today. I’m using the float type fuel level sensors and they need to be attached to the fuel tank access plate. 

I attached the platenuts and then covered them with ProSeal, once those cured a bit I then attached the fuel level sensor with ProSeal between the plate and the sensor as well as around all the corners. 

The screws were then covered with ProSeal and let to cure. Once I bond this to the tank it shouldn’t be a source of any leaks (if there are any at all). This process was mirrored for both sides. 

The float wire on the right side broke when I was bending it per the design spec so I need to call vans and see if they can send me a replacement. Otherwise, these will get installed soon. I still need to ProSeal the AN fitting for the fuel pickup. A bead of glue will go between the access plate and inboard rib when it’s installed. 

I also (finally) got the wing wire conduit installed. I went with a pvc conduit for its simplicity of installing in the QB wing. 

It’s held in by adel clamps attached to the ribs. I will also add a safety wire to each clamp to make sure it can’t come loose. 

This is the clamp that I modified to be able to attach to the rib. There are provisions for wiring a heated pitot tube if I decide to go that way, for right now it’s unheated. 

Hopefully work will slow down a bit in the near future and I can get more work done on the project. It’s been far too long without time to work on it, till next time! 

Fuel Tank Work

Flap hinges

Had a little free time today so I finished the flap hinge modification. 

Similar to what a lot of rv builders do, I cut out three of the loops and then bent the hinge pin at 90 deg. This allows the hinge pins to each the last loop on either end. 

Not shown here but I took two loops from spare hinge material and will fabricate a bracket that will be screwed to the flap brace. Then repeat the same thing for the other wing. 

Flap hinges