Engine baffle

Today I spent about five hours working on the engine baffle. It’s a very complex set of parts that connect and wrap around the engine.

I started by using the oil cooler doubler (fat right) to cut a hole in the aft baffle. You can see the part with the hole and the rivet holes match-drilled. I then clecoed the parts together to ensure everything was aligned.

I also installed the mounting screw doublers and the reinforcing rib.

Here’s the back of the baffle. The oil cooler doubler and oil cooler mount here. I then test fit the baffle section to the engine. Everything lines up nicely. I also mounted the oil cooler to ensure everything can fit. The two oil hoses will attach to the inside of the oil cooler.

Here’s the inside of the baffle where air will pass through the oil cooler. I mounted the cooler high enough to ensure the most air flow. If I need to restrict it because it’s running cool, I can also cover part of the cooler.

Here’s the oil cooler mounted to the baffle. The oil hoses are then attached to 90deg fittings into the cooler.

Engine baffle

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