More baffle work

The metal work on the baffle is one of the most complex parts of the plane. I started out tonight by continuing on the right aft baffle.

I prepped and riveted all the doubler plates.

Here are the doubler plates riveted to the #3 cylinder baffle. I also riveted on the heat muff air intake and screen. The stock intake from vans is quite flimsy. I might replace it with something stronger.

I’m waiting to rivet the side and aft baffle parts together before final fitting on the engine.

I then riveted the doublers on to the #1 and #2 cylinder baffles and test fitted them onto the engine.

It’s starting to come together. I then began fitting the forward intake ramps and reinforcements.

I’m using a custom prop oil line from TS flightlines so the hole for the oil line will have to be slightly larger.

Here you can see a test fit. I’ll have to crest a custom gasket to go around the hose to ensure no relative movement. There’s a small amount of roof around the hose, but I’ll have to open it up a little bit.

More baffle work

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