Continued riveting the stab

Yesterday I continued to rivet the skeleton together and began riveting the skins to the spars and ribs. Here you an see the middle nose and main ribs clecoed to the skin. The nose rib gets flush riveted to the skin. 

This was super difficult to get the skin to lay flat against the nose rib, but a little gorilla tape helped to get every rivet flush.  

Once both the top and bottom of the skins were riveted to the nose rib, I put the front spar assembly into the skin and clecoed and rivet the tip rib to the front spar  

I used clecoes in every hole to try to keep everything aligned as perfectly as possible. Then I inserted the middle main rib again and blind riveted it to the middle nose rib. 

Today I will finish riveting the middle main rib, and front spar to the skins. It’s fun to see progress, it’s good motivation to keep going.  


Continued riveting the stab

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