Finished Horizontal Stabilizer

Today I spent a 7 hour session, bringing my total to 30 hours, to finish riveting the h-stab.

I began by riveting the front spar to the skin. Having a riveting buddy would have been great, but it was a good experience to do this by myself. Working in the tight spaces was tricky, but the tungsten bucking bar really made it easy to get consistent shop heads on the rivets.

Here’s the pop rivets holding the right side middle main rib to the spar and nose rib. This paved the way for riveting the right side skin to the spar and ribs.

Here you can see the shop heads on the spar. I didn’t guage each and every one of them, but I eyeballed and judged that it was all within range of one that was measured.

 Here are the universal rivets holding the front spar to the tip rib, another tricky spot to hold the bucking bar.

In the end, the stab’s flush rivets all came out perfect. I only had to drill out 2, luckily both were pretty easy and came out without enlarging the hole.

 Here’s the inboard ribs riveted to the skins. Each one flush on the skin, and to the right depth on the shop head side.

 And the final product, all ready to start flying! Seeing the first completed piece just makes me want to keep building! On to the V-stab!


Finished Horizontal Stabilizer

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