Ailerons and pushrods

Today was a busy day, I helped my mom move some old furniture down to her office, so I had to get a uhaul and load it up with everything. Fortunately it also included a bunch of stuff from the garage, so now I have nearly half the garage now cleaned. More room means easier to move around the fuse and wings. 

A few days ago I had my friend help me out by welding the aileron pushrods. The manual calls for two aluminum rivets that hold the threaded steel bung to the steel tube. I didn’t like the way it would have been held together and the aluminum holding the steel together doesn’t bode well in my mind. The welding my buddy did is much much stronger and also looks cleaner than the rivets would have. 

Tonight I decided to rig up the ailerons, so I lined them up with the tooling holes in the end rib, and using the aileron bellcrank jig to line up the pushrods, I adjusted the lengths of the pushrods until everything fit perfectly. I disassembled them and set everything aside for now, I need to prime the pushrods again because the powdercoating had to be removed for welding. 

I also received an order from Aircraft Spruce with some shielded wires and some snap bushings. I finished rigging up the pitot tube plumbing in the wing as well as the wiring for the wingtip lighting. I’m planning on going with full nav/strobe and landing lights in the wing tips with another strobe on the tail. But that’s for much later in the build. 

Ailerons and pushrods

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