Horizontal stab and elevators

Tonight I pulled down the horizontal stab and fit the elevators to the stab. The final step in finishing the elevators required drilling the horns to the center bearing. I purchased a 1/4″ OD drill bushing with a 3/32″ ID. I then drilled #40 pilot holes in the horns and then stepped them up to 1/4 for the AN4 bolt. 

Here you can se the bolt at the base of the elevator horns. Once this was drilled the elevators swung freely with no binding in either direction. It was a smooth as butter! 

I also took this time to cut the horn notches in the aft spar, this will get cleaned up and then reprimed. I also fit the fiberglass tips just to see what it looked like, I’m holding off on the fiberglass work until later. 

The tail feathers look so good! Can’t wait to fit this up to the fuse in the future! You can see the trim tab on the left elevator (the whole thing is upside down) it still needs to be slightly adjusted for the trim tab push rod from the servo, but other than little things here and there, the empennage is done! 

Horizontal stab and elevators

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