Tailcone & Rollbar

This weekend I got in a few hours of work and finished off the tailcone. It was quite a lot of work aligning and measuring the tail wheel mount. It needs to be aligned perfectly so that when I drill vertical stab to the assembly, I meet all the edge distance requirements. 

Here’s the weldment after it was primed and installed. The alignment is perfect, measuring 5 times and drilling once really does pay off. 

Here is the aft bulkhead riveted on with the rudder stops. I actually had a lot of fun fabricating those parts.

I then decided my next project will be the rollbar. 

I spent a solid hour cleaning up the shop and putting tools away and vacuuming all the aluminum scrap. I tend to be a bit lazy when it comes to putting my tools away, so I have to do big cleanups every once in a while. 

I started by getting the aluminum channels out and clamped them to the table. It will take some adjusting to get the alignment right, but so far measurements have come out perfect. 

I then fabricated the two plates that will join the channels together. Along with all the L brackets that needed to be made. I can’t say it enough…but my bandsaw is the greatest tool I’ve purchased! 

Here’s the full sized drawing to give a perspective of what I’m working on. And a completed L bracket in the top left corner. 

Drilled the holes to #30 per the drawing, but they will be opened up to 1/4″ for the bolts when it’s mounted to the fuselage. 

Hopefully I get some time this week to work a bit more, but I’ll play it by ear. 

Tailcone & Rollbar

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