Horizontal stab

Today was a big day, I spent about 8 hours on the stab.  

I finished smoothing out the front spar reinforcing bars and match drilling everything to the spars, along with the spar doublers. 

I then clecoed the Stab skeleton together, match drilled the rib holes to the spars and deburred the holes.  

I then managed to get the skin all clecoed on to the frame, that was super hard to get it flush with the ribs, the aluminum is under-bent when it’s shipped. 

I then clamped and marked the hole positions for the remaining spar holes and the inner ribs that have to be drilled to match the skin. 

Overall it was a productive day, I’m still getting the hang of the part naming convention and the drawing call-outs. It’s only the second day, but I can see the progress which is a good sign! 

Horizontal stab

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