Today I started on the fuselage by getting some work done on the seats. 

I started by cutting the angle stock to size and then shaping and prepping all the hinges for drilling. 

The side angles are made from .125″ thick and the cross supports are made from .060. Per the drawings I radiused the top angle to be able to fit inside the seat. 

Here you can see the difference between the radiused and stock angle. 

Here you can see how it fits in the seat. This allows it to sit flush against the skin for riveting. 

Here I have everything clamped in place after shaping and aligning everything. 

I didn’t get any pictures during the drilling process, but here’s the seat in the plane after everything was drilled to #40. This will all get drilled to #30 for the -4 rivets. 

Next is to make the remaining seat! I was tempted to sit in it, but I don’t have the fuselage supported enough yet. I’m in the process of building a fuselage stand. 


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