Canopy hinges

Today I spent most of the day working on the frame fitting and hinges.

I started out by clecoeing the skin to the frame and forward fuselage. I’m using a strap to tighten everything down.

Once I got everything lined up, I tightened the strap and some clamps to get the skins to line up.

Here you can see the clamps holding the frame down, and the alignment of the skins. I have a uniform gap all along the skins. I also ensured that my hinge spacers have enough clearance from the hinges.

Here you can see the spacing between the spacer and the hinge. I’ve read that this has caused problems for people, so I made my spacer 1/8th of an inch narrower.

I then lined everything up and drilled the splice plate for the frame.

Initially drilled to #40, this allows for some adjustments if necessary. I also drilled the hinge joints to #30, where the hinge meets the cross rib.

After everything was drilled I removed the canopy frame and the skin and prepped everything, primed required surfaces, and riveted the frame together.

I didn’t get any pictures of it, but i drilled the canopy hinge holes to 1/4″ and then enlarged them to 3/8th for the bushings. I then fit the frame to the fuselage and immediately had interference from the canopy seal supports.

This picture shows the gap between the frame (on the left) and the seal (wavy on the right) with the blue film in the gap. This is a nice gap, however when rotating the frame up the center portion of the frame hits the center seal. I will file it down until it swings freely.

Canopy hinges

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