Installed ELT and ADS-B

The goal for the weekend was to install the Vans ELT mount and the ELT in the plane. It’s mounted on the right side behind the baggage bulkhead. The Vans mount has you use blind rivets to attach the bracket on the stringers than run along the side of the fuselage. It’s extremely difficult to get the rivet squeezer into the right position to drive the rivets properly, but I managed. I also decided to install the ADS-B module on the same bracket because there was plenty of room.

Once I had everything in position I ran the wires through the conduit. This includes the harness for the ADS-B, the phone line for the ELT, the 3-conductor wire for the ELT power and gps, and the rg-400 coax cable for the ADS-B antenna. I somehow managed to fit everything through the two conduits I have running under the seats. Only thing left to do is attach the antenna to the ELT and the ADS-B. By closing those two units out, the tail is now completely wired! Everything else will be forward of the seats and under the panel.

Installed ELT and ADS-B

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