I received my exhaust on Friday. It’s a special 4 pipe exhaust from Vetterman Exhaust. The standard RV 7 exhaust won’t work with the Superior Cold Air sump I have on my engine. I spent a couple hours prepping and then fitting the exhaust on the engine.

(Ignore the boxes) one thing I need to do is still rivet the lower portion of the firewall where the exhaust exits the cowl. I will remove the lower half of the pipes at the slip joint.

I didn’t take a picture of it, but I also installed the 4 EGT sensors. I measured down 2″ from the flange. I wanted to keep it on the straight section before the first elbow so that I can ensure identical distances on each cylinder.

I’ll line up the ball joints on all 4 pipes and then fabricate the support bracket and install the heat muff. Then exhaust complete.


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